If you are a parent or carer, then this page will give you information and links to resources which will help you keep your child safe online

The link below will give you information on how to keep your child safe in an online environment and  who to contact if you have any concerns about your child’s activity. There is also information on what to do if you think a child could be in danger!


Child Net International is a site which will also provide you with information on how to keep your child safe online. This site has guides on how set up parental controls within your home. There is a vast catalogue of resources including how to set up and limit broadband usage etc.


Parent zone is another very well run website and has lots of up to date information on the latest technology trends. This will help to keep you up to date with technology and provide you with information of the advantages and risks which are associated with technology. Therefore, if you want to keep up to date then this site is for you!

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