The Search Begins For New Head Teacher at DEHS

Douglas-Ewart High School has been under the leadership of Head Teacher, Mr Alex Cowie, since 2005.  Helen McColm, chair of the school’s Parent Council says that under Mr Cowie’s leadership, the school has gone from strength to strength, both structurally and educationally and has attracted strong, enthusiastic young staff members into the region.  There can be few Head Teachers who wish to continue to work after retirement age so Helen is delighted that Mr Cowie is staying, on a phased retirement basis, until at least January 2019.  The recruitment process for a new Head Teacher will officially start in August 2018 when the Parent Council hope the role will be attractive to a good number of people from both within and out with our beautiful area.

The school’s website ( contains a wealth of information but all interested parties are encouraged to visit the thriving school and feel the welcoming ambience for themselves. While exams and qualifications are very important at DEHS (the school being on a par with the best exam performance  in our region), equipping all pupils with the relevant skills for their future by working with outside agencies, providing opportunities for young staff to grow and develop (with new initiatives such as Developing Young Workforce) and working with parents and employers, have all reaped huge benefits for Douglas-Ewart High School pupils.  The aim of this joined up approach is that every youngster who leaves DEHS has a strong future not only in life skills but in terms of job or career path to follow.  Alongside this, the pupils & staff are encouraged to take on additional activities. As a result DEHS pupils have received considerable recognition in numerous high-level sporting events, various educational challenges and most recently a National competition celebrating the end of WW1.

Helen continues, “When Mr Cowie puts on his hat and leaves Douglas-Ewart High School for the final time, he can do so with great pride, as he has done an outstanding job in the face of adversity. The Parent Council, thank him for his commitment and conscientiousness to the school and his willingness to work with others for the benefit of our whole community. His work leaves a great legacy for a new Head Teacher to continue with in a school with its own sense of positive identity and individuality ”

How our pupils view our school!